We provide effective and eficient legal service in support of your bussiness and  dispute resolution with present highly professional legal practicioners. Below are Our Services:

Regarding to Presidential Decree Number 97 year of 1999 there are five Commercial Court in Indonesia, i.e : Jakarta Pusat, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Makasar. The absolute competency of Commercial Court not only to decide the bankruptcy and debt suspension matters, furthermore its competency extend of wide range of commercial litigation process for intellectual property right and LPS.
The aim of commercial litigation of bankruptcy and debt suspension the protect the right of creditor whose claim of account receivable to debtor and also to protect the sustainability of business for debtor through debt suspension and debt restructuring scheme.
The aim of commercial litigation for intellectual property right and it’s derivate to protect and respect the ownership of masterpiece either person or legal entity as a legal right and moral right. The area of commercial litigation for intellectual property right comprise of : trade secret regulated in Law Number 30 Year 0f 2000, industrial design regulated in Law Number 31 Year of 2000, Integrated Circuit Lay Out Design regulated in Law Number 32 Year of 2000, patent regulated in Law Number 13 Year of 2016, trade mark regulated in Law Number 20 Year of 2016, intellectual property right regulated in Law Number 28 Year of 2014.
The commercial litigation for banking issues related to the Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) as regulated in Law Number 24 Year of 2004 will resolve the legal issues related in liquidation process and demands for the cancellation of any legal action of the bank resulting in reduced assets or increased liabilities of the bank, which is made within 1 (one) year before the revocation of business license.
Our team have an experience and ability to handle various legal case in Commercial Court for specialty : bankruptcy and debt suspension, trade mark and intellectual property right. We also provide legal service competition law litigation. Our team have represent many client both of corporate and individual in bankruptcy and debt suspension matters. We also have a huge concern for Small Medium Enterprise to protect their intellectual property right.

General Court in Indonesia is a reliable institution for settling the criminal case and civil case. Regarding to the Law Number 49 Year of 2009, General Court’s competency to solve the ordinary crime matters, special crime  matters (narcotic, jouvenille deliquence) and civil case. General Court officially domiciled in every district and municipality. For special purpose, regarding Law Number 46 year of 2009 about Corruption Crime Court  in every province in Indonesia has established a Corruption Special Court to decide Corruption case. Our team provide a wide range of criminal litigation process in  District Court or Special Purpose Court for : submit pre judicial process, assisting client in criminal case both in Police Office and Prosecute Office, assisting client in KPK, assisting client in special crime case such as corruption, money laundry, and other special crime.
We also provide legal service to client on civil litigation process in District Court for, i.e : corporate issues, claim of contract, land law, civil law, petition and claim, family and inheritence.
We have an ability to handle many various criminal and civil case around Indonesia since 2010, one of our highest achievement in huge special criminal case in Pengadilan Tipikor Pekanbaru on money laundry case IDR 1,3 trillion that the client verdict vrijspraak. The company from Spain also appointed us as a lawyer to handle the criminal case by their employee in Polda Metro Jaya.

We provide legal service to client  on constitutional court to submit judicial review of regulation or constitutional complaint as a tax payers.
We also represent the party either Private Sector or Government in administrative court, since the Government of Republic Indonesia stipulate Law Number 30 Year of 2014 about Government Administration the absolute competency of Administrative Court have an additional authority and assignment. At least there are three mechanism in administrative process (complaint abuse of power, fictitious positive petition, administrative complaint)

The most well known of Indonesian value of life is harmony, avoid the conflict and resolve the matters through alternative dispute resolution. Basically, there are three pattern to resolve the matters which comprise of : mediation, negotiation and conciliation. The aim of alternative dispute resolution is to get an effective solution for the parties (win-win solution) and reduce the cost.
Regarding to the Law Number 30 Year of 1999 about Alternative Dispute Resolution we provide advocacy services for cases involving appearances before and also during in Arbitration. The arbitral institutions in Indonesia are the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI), the Indonesian Capital Market Arbitration Board (BAPMI) and the Shariah National Arbitration Body (BASYARNAS). The advantage of arbitral institution mostly provide a certain decision, effective and efficient process for the business entity.

The industrial relationship between employer and employee it plays a very important role in keeping harmony and business sustainability. Further, as Indonesia is a developing country, the need for foreign manpower in the development of business sectors and the transfer of knowledge to local manpower makes it imperative to understand what the law regulates. Understanding this need, our law firm aims to provide comprehensive legal services in this area of law. The services are including:

  • giving advice on the prevailing laws and regulations relating to manpower matters;
  • drafting, preparing and/or reviewing Company Rules and/or Collective Labor Agreements;
  • obtaining required licenses and registrations including licenses related to foreign manpower;
  • giving assistance and conducting necessary actions in relation to terminations of employment;
  • giving assistance in relation to industrial disputes at any stage of the proceedings (Bipartite, Mediation and Conciliation, Arbitration, Industrial Relation Court)

We have wide variety of experience in the various fields of business and investment allows us to design comprehensive legal solutions to all of our corporate clients’ needs. Whether representing a foreign party seeking to do business in Indonesia or Indonesian seeking to expand operations, we have the resources to ensure our clients’ goals have the best chance of success in the Indonesian legal climate.
We have an experience in dealing with all the major corporate issues surrounding Indonesian business activities in a multiplicity of fields starting from: regulatory advisement on the Indonesian law with respect to the relevant business activities; legal due diligence (LDD) in all stages starting from reviewing all the company documentation, analyzing all legal aspects of the company and issuing an LDD report and legal opinion; negotiating and structuring best possible scheme of the transactions; preparing and drafting the relevant legal documentation; applying for and obtaining the requisite licenses and permits; assistance in negotiation with third parties involved in the business activities concerned; compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations related to the business activities; up to continuing corporate representation, business drafting & review contract.

We have a moral and social responsibility which adhere in our profession regarding to Indonesian Advocat Law Number 18 Year 2003. We provide an excellent service and comprehensive gratuitous
legal assistance for the vulnerable and impoverish person. Regarding to the Internal Regulation
which issued by PERADI we provide gratuitous legal assistance about 50 hours per year

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